Soldiers and Sailors Art Catalogue.pdf

Monument Art Catalogue

Since its dedication on July 4th, 1894, The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument has stood as a sentinel, keeping watch over the ever-changing city of Cleveland. Towering 125ft. over the southeast quadrant of downtown Cleveland’s Public Square, the impressive structure is the most resplendent Civil War monument in Ohio, if not the country. Its unique art and architecture create a window into the past of Victorian Cleveland and yet remains a modern reminder of the values, virtues and patriotism Americans still hold dear today. Though the Monument’s dominant theme is the remembrance of some 9,000 soldiers and sailors from Cuyahoga County who fought in the Civil War, it was brilliantly designed as a commentary facility for future generations and is as relevant today as when first created almost a hundred and twenty years ago. Incorporating over a hundred tons of cast bronze, it is a treasure trove of superbly crafted examples of 19th century figurative and decorative art.

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