2022 Summer Projects

The system being used to clean the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument this Summer is called a nebulous spray system. It is a low pressure water spraying rig that allows the water to soak the stone throughout the day. The rigging allows us to move the sprayers up and down on hooks throughout the process to allow for complete coverage.

Rather than harsh chemicals or dangerous high pressure cleaners, this system uses soft water to draw out the contaminants and wash them away. To help the process along there will be the use of mild detergents and brushes to agitate the surface and remove some places with algae buildup.

Resealing the Esplanade

Another project that is going on this summer is the resealing of our upper esplanade. Every 5 to 10 years it is important for us to remove the rubberized sealant between the red Medina sandstone slabs and replace it with new.

There are also some unfortunate breaks, divots, and natural delamination of the stone which will also be patched.

What You Don't See

Work began in April on a new boiler system to replace our aging steam heat in the Monument. The new boiler needed a cement pad to be added as well as a berm to create a "tub" incase the boiler were ever to fail. There was also a sump pump added for the same purpose.

Soon you will be able to see the work progress outside to run a new electrical line on the North side of the Monument. There will be some disturbance of the lower walkway as they open it up to run the line.